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The cost of starting a fried chicken restaurant.

American style fried chicken restaurants have become popular in Poland, and there are many. They are often based on a franchise system or the ideas of their owners. To make their dreams come true, future restaurateurs need to prepare their establishment, create a business plan, and have the necessary funds. To lower the startup costs, they may choose to work with a known franchise or to take advantage of the EU grants.

Make your dreams come true.

The deep-fried chicken restaurants are enjoying a relatively light competition at the moment. It means good news for future restaurant owners. Thankfully customers have gotten the taste of the chicken dishes, and the market is growing.

Chicken meat is delicate, easy to digest, and commonly liked. Everyone, kids included, is easy to convince to indulge in a delicious deep-fried, crispy chicken.

To start a fried chicken restaurant may be your dream come true.

The cost of starting the restaurant depends on a few factors, such as location and rental fees. A restaurant in a city center, near large companies, schools, in a tourist hotbed, has bigger chances of success that one in the outskirts. Restaurant chains working with future franchisees put a lot of emphasis on location, as it is key to the restaurant’s success.

The cost of the restaurant equipment

The costs of opening a fried chicken restaurant can be divided into a couple of groups. There are permit costs, advertising costs, equipment costs (both the kitchen and the dining room). There are also recurrent costs like utilities, rent, stock, employee wages. If we add the kitchen equipment such as a refrigerator, a freezer, a cooker, a frying machine, plates, silverware, and furniture, we are looking at tens of thousands of polish zlotys. If we choose brand new equipment, we have to consider the costs of a minimum of PLN 30000. The expenses with grow if we decide to serve coffee, cold beverages, or alcohol. These costs can be lowered if we invest in pre-owned equipment.

Dining room cost

A dining room is a necessary part of a restaurant. Tables, chairs and decor elements are all necessary. The costs depend on equipment quality and style.

Every restaurant needs a sign with its name or logo. The cost of a sign ranges from 700 to a few thousand Polish zlotys. The first thing customers look at is a menu board or some form of a printed menu card, and it should encourage the potential customer. These add to the costs depending on the options. Additionally, a restaurant needs a cash register ranging between 1000 to 4000 Polish zlotys.

It may seem there are a lot of expenses, although these costs turn into revenues within a few months.

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